Diana Branca
3D Scan Artist

Self taught 3D Scan Artist, Digital Sculptor, 3D Artist and Instructor about Zbrush and organic modeling.

Ten years of experience on “making stuff” especially for the film industry ( 3d scan, retopology, modeling, baking maps, prepping for 3d printing , etc), organic and hard surfaces.
Recently I had an experience in Milan (Italy) in the gaming field, I have an understanding of game art pipelines and toolsets.
I also can perform most of these.

I love starting from 3d scans obtained by photogrammetry or structured light technology (Artec Leo, Artec Eva, Artec Spider, etc.).
I also have a background in Fine Arts and in my free time I love modeling water clay.

I’m based in Rome ( Italy ), but I can travel everywhere if you need 3d scans or support for organic modeling in particular locations.

Services and skills:

– Body scan
– Face scan
– Retopology and UV
– Digital sculpting and prepping for 3d printing
– Asset for gaming
– Asset for cinematic

I can’t show most of my work because of NDA. Please, contact me for more information or examples.